X-Mas 2014 Changes

We’re introducing wide-ranging change to accommodate the gradual release of the investor platform in 2015, starting today.

Trader related information

As we  open up for investors, trader specific information will be restricted to users who either link an MT4 account or trade a Darwinex MT4 account. The reason for this is that DARWINs are intrinsically different from the trading strategy they’re based on, and as such the detailed diagnostic of the trading strategy is  relevant in the context of a trader trying to increase the investability of his DARWIN, but not  much less so to a DARWIN investor.

Note: demo accounts will continue to enjoy basic diagnostics (return, risk, behaviour, etc.) but will not be diagnosed for Darwinex Investment Attributes (timing, discipline, scalability, etc.) going forward.

Investable DARWINS

The new performance standard is set by investors: going forward the only public information available to unlogged users will be investable DARWINs.

This means: only live, funded accounts traded with Darwinex will be accesible to investors. Demo accounts and live accounts not executed by us will not be displayed.

DARWINs list

Alpha investor platform testers wanted

The first batch of live investor user accounts will be allowed access to the platform from January onwards. More investors will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to contribute to the effort (and enjoy first-come access to some seriously sexy DARWINS), feel free to comment on this blog-post.

Stay tuned…

Because this is literally the tip of the coming ice-berg!


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