Why Darwinex?

What does “Darwinex” stand for?

Our name pays tribute to Charles Darwin – first man to get evolution: the process whereby life grows fit to survive the challenges that face it.

Evolution is slow, but unstoppable. Big & mighty Dinosaurs once ruled the Earth… until they didn’t.

It’s not 100% clear why (meteorite? climate change?), but the world changed faster than dinosaurs could adapt, so they disappeared.

But not all life failed! Seemingly small and vulnerable, but agile creatures fought and struggled, and the fittest survived to send e-mails like this!



What’s evolution got to do with independent forex trading?

EVERYTHING! You see a meteorite hit financial markets 20 years ago!

Before, only employees of financial corporations could trade. Today, online, millions of independent brains like YOU challenge Goldman Sachs & Co. for trading profits.

Sure, some stick to Jurassic thinking. All they see is “retail traders”. Since your wallet is small, they treat YOU like a mentally inferior. They offer “get rich, quick” shortcuts, 1000:1 leverage, social trading…) and play other clever tricks (re-quotes, slippage, etc.) designed to keep your money, because that’s all they see in you.

At Darwinex, we see TALENT

We know that BIG talents start out with small wallets: users like KlondikeFX, ForexBao beat the market month in, month out – and the best part is that their profits owe NOTHING to luck! By detecting their Investable Attributes our algorithms explained their long-term performance long ago!

We believe in financial market evolution. That’s why we’ve developed algorithms to diagnose talent, offer raw DMA spreads second to none, and why we asked the UK’s FCA to certify that we NEVER trade against our independent traders. It’d be JURASSIC to bet against the evolution of financial markets!

All of which makes you the missing link: fancy teaching Jurassic thinkers that you’re way more than a “retail trader”? If you’re committed to your evolution as a trader, our eco-system has much to offer. KlondikeFX & Co. know.

If you joined, together, we could teach the world financial market evolution!


Wouldn’t that be DARWINEX?


Darwinex evolved traders



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