where is the money when trading through a broker

Where’s My Money When Trading Through A Broker (6)

In this episode, podcast host Nick “The Moose” Batsford and Juan Colón talk about where your money is when you trade through a broker.

Where’s Your Money When Trading Through A Broker

When you google “FCA register Tradeslide Trading Tech”, you’ll see that:

  • On the one hand, we are regulated as a broker having thus permission to hold client monies.
  • On the other hand, we are regulated as an investment manager having permission to manage investor decisions which we conditionally make available to trading customers via DARWIN. Investors pick timing: what to buy, when? We pick risk: investor leverage is controlled by Darwinex.

Listen to the episode to know what happens to your money when you deposit it through the Darwinex platform. We’ll cover the bank accounts on which we receive the money, the guarantees provided to traders and investors, how prime brokers extend credit (leverage) to us -and who they currently are-, and how their financial strength matters.

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