We've released a new, user-controlled notification system

We’ve released a new, user-controlled notification system

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We’ve introduced in-app notifications to the Darwinex web platform. We’ve also added a new section where you can control what notifications you receive and how.

From email only notifications to a user-controlled notification system

We’ve been sending email notifications since the beginning.

An email asking you to verify your email address. An email asking you to upload a valid document. An email confirming that we’ve received your deposit. Or that we’ve processed your withdrawal. An email confirming the creation of your DARWIN, your first performance fees. Or, if you’re an investor, confirming the execution of a take profit or stop loss order.

As platform features grew, the number of email notifications grew as well.

And as the number of email notifications grew, so grew the need to offer users control over them. Control over what gets sent to them, what not and how.

So our new notification system was born.

How it works

Users are now able to choose whether to receive notifications and if they want them in-app, via email or both.

In-app notifications

A new 🔔 icon will notify you when Darwinex has something to say in relation to your account. You’ll find it next to the 👛 icon.

Clicking on the notification itself will redirect you to the relevant section. E. g. clicking a notification saying that your deposit is available in your wallet redirects you to your wallet. For each notification, the option to “Mark as read” or to “Archive” will also appear.

Some notifications will be about good news worth sharing. Like when you list a DARWIN, win a DarwinIA allocation or receive performance fees. For those, sharing options are featured.

Notification control

We’ve organized notifications into categories. Each category has one or more groups. For each group, you’ll be able to control whether and how to receive notifications.

There are a few groups for which you won’t be able to completely disable notifications because we think it’s important that you receive them. E.g. you can’t disable in-app notifications about your DARWIN being created or deleted.

What comes next?

Next steps in relation to notifications include:

  • Improvement of email notifications’ design and content.
  • Now that users are able to control what they receive and how, we think it’s useful to add even more types of notifications. Anything specific you’d like to get notified about?


Go have a look at your notifications and post your feedback and comments on the community forum.

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