Volatility expected due to French presidential elections

Please note that high volatility is expected on EUR pairs, XAUUSD and European indices on market open next Sunday (23 April 2017) due to the French presidential election. Also, liquidity providers are expected to significantly limit their liquidity, which can give rise to abnormal widening of spreads, potential increased amounts of slippage on executed orders and, eventually, gaps in the charts due to the low liquidity available.If you plan to keep open trades over the weekend, please make sure you post margin / equity in your account ahead as volatility is expected to increase heading into the election. Please note that we reserve the right to change our margin requirements as we move closer to the election / depending on the outcome.

Should we decide to introduce any changes to our trading conditions, we’ll endeavour to contact you via email, MT4 or by changes made to our blog / website ASAP.

D-Leverage & Risk Manager

Further, starting on Friday at 18 UK time, our Risk Manager will be more restrictive when replicating DARWINS’ trades to protect investors from increased volatility ahead of the weekend and on market open.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@darwinex.com for support.


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