$SHW shares will be split 3-for-1

The Sherwin-Williams stock split is approaching. $SHW shares will be split 3-for-1. Each Sherwin-Williams shareholder will receive two additional common shares to be distributed after the close of trading on Wednesday, March 31st.

At Darwinex we will apply the stock split on Thursday, April 1st at market open.

In live accounts, we will adjust the open position to the split without the need to close and reopen trades. In MT5, hedged positions will be closed and the split will be applied to the resulting net position.

In demo accounts, we will close all positions and pending orders on Wednesday afternoon, and we will prevent traders from opening new positions until Thursday’s market open.

Trading of $SHW common shares will begin on a stock split-adjusted basis on Thursday, April 1st.

As always, at info@darwinex.com we’ll be happy to assist you!

Trade safe,

The Darwinex Team

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