Trading Schedule for the 2021 Easter Holiday Period

Please note the amended Darwinex Trading Schedule for the 2021 Easter Holiday Period is already available in the calendar of Amended Darwinex Trading Hours.

Please note during Easter Holidays, swaps will be charged in a different way than on normal weeks. There may be days with swap x6 charges and days without any swap charges at all. The amount of the swap will be similar to that of normal weeks, the only thing that changes is the way it’s charged. The swap rates that appear on our site generally get updated around 19:00 BST and may suffer only minor changes afterwards.

The DARWIN Exchange will remain open even if the underlying assets’ market is closed. Should you want to know the standard procedure when you buy/sell a DARWIN whose underlying asset market is closed, we recommend you to read the following Knowledge Base article: Can I buy and sell DARWINs whenever I want?

Do not hesitate to contact us at for support.

Happy Easter!

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