Trading Hours for US Presidents’ Day on 17th February 2020

Please note that the following trading hours will apply on Monday 17th February 2020. All times are in GMT+0 (London) time. During this time spreads may be wider and liquidity may be thinner. Bank holidays may also give rise to changes in the applicable swap rates.


Commodities  Monday 17th Febuary 2020
XAUUSD 23:01 Sun – 17:59 Mon
XAGUSD 23:00:01 Sun – 17:59:50 Mon
XPTUSD 23:00:01 Sun – 17:59:50 Mon
XPDUSD 23:00:01 Sun – 17:59:50 Mon
XTIUSD 23:00:01 Sun – 17:44:50 Mon
XNGUSD 23:00:01 Sun – 17:44:50 Mon
J225 23:00 Sun – 18:00 Mon
SPX500 23:00 Sun – 18:00 Mon
NDX 23:00 Sun – 18:00 Mon
WS30 23:00 Sun – 18:00 Mon
US stocks


The rest of the assets will trade according to their usual trading time. As always, at we’ll be happy to assist you!

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