Trading Consistency, Intellectual property and Investor considerations

Trading consistency is another subject that is often not given the attention it deserves. Too often, traders focus on things like risk, return, and optimising parameters. Whilst these components are essential, trading in a consistent manner is important too. 

From an investors perspective, trading consistency can help to smooth the emotional rollercoaster. Traders will often want to protect their intellectual property and with good reason.

It may be easy to identify the trading strategy variables if there aren’t many of them—for instance, a time-based strategy with no filters. Investors may then be able to operate the strategy themselves, circumventing the need to pay the creator any performance fees. 

The ability to provide various levels of intellectual property protection is yet another benefit of the Darwinex platform. It allows the trader to implement privacy features preventing anyone from taking their intellectual property.

A downside of doing this is that the investor can lose valuable details about how the trading strategy operates. Investors like to know what is going on. By not having relevant information it can lead the investor to invest less than initially intended.

Another possibility is that the investor may make rash decisions whilst investing, leading to unnecessary losses. It is clear that the trader must strike a balance between informing investors and protecting their ideas. 

However, if when reviewing a traders history, the investor can see a consistent manner in the operation of trades; this can provide the investor with confidence that the trader isn’t making rash decisions.

As a trader, when designing a strategy, taking trading consistency into account can make it easier to highlight rogue trades and thus increase the robustness of your system. 

In trading, surprises are not a good thing.  

Darwinex created the Investable Attributes to measure different aspects of a trading strategy. This ability is of benefit to both traders and investors.

The Positive and Negative return consistency Investible attributes (R+/R-) offer valuable insight into the consistency of a traders trading decisions. A high score in these investible attributes is a good indication of the trading consistency of a trading strategy. 

The accompanying video goes into great detail using this valuable metric both as an investor and a trader. 

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