Trader interview with MCFD (DARWIN $VTJ)

If you review the “All DARWINS” section on our site, DARWIN $VTJ will not go unnoticed. It shows up in pretty much all the Darwinex filters: “Best Scores”,  “Trending DARWINS”, “Top Invested” and “Return > 50%“… what a beast!

Read on to find out more about MCFD, the trader behind Porfolio3 , the trading strategy undelrying DARWIN $VTJ.

Tell us a little about yourself.  How did you first catch the bug for trading and how long have you been trading for?

I started to take an interest in trading back in 1996, when I started trading stocks in the Spanish Ibex35. Things went quite well until 2009, when I suffered losses and I decided to redeem my funds. In 2010 I resumed my trading, this time with CFDs. I soon realised there was a lot I needed to learn, so I joined an online forex trading academy in 2010. I have had 2 mentors and have attended several programming courses in my trading career. I still keep studying to date!

In regards to your strategy, which assets/pairs do you usually trade?  What timeframes do you like using?

I am a 100% algo trader and I only trade forex. I backtest and optimise all the pairs with 95 percentile below 5 pips. Because I am an algo trader, I trade pretty much all the timeframes.

As a trader, what would you say is your main strength?

I’d say my main strength is my experience. I am a full time trader fully devoted to my trading passion (my closest friends & family think I spend too much time trading!).

And your biggest weakness?

My biggest weakness used to be psychology, hence the reason why I decided to automate my trades.

According to our algorithms, your strategy stands out in particular for its  Consistency, Performance (Pf) and Risk Management.  Is there any advice you can offer to other user so they can improve their score for these attributes?

Consistency: This one is the toughest for me because I run several algos with different SL & TP in my account. I’d recommend running different strategies in different accounts or to implement similar SL & TP in your portfolio.
Performance: Well, all it takes to get a good Pf score is keeping up your returns… so all I can say is work, work, work to get a good Pf score.
Risk Management: This one is the easiest in my opinion. I calculate the lot size in regards to the SL so the biggest loss never exceeds 1%.

What would you say is the most important lesson you have learnt in the world of trading?

When you decide to become a full time trader, you need to follow the path that best suits your needs. I have always been patient to learn from my mistakes and from fellow traders’. Luckily enough, none of those mistakes was big enough to wipe me out.

Lastly, do you have any comments you wish to add for other traders or investors who are reading?

Make sure you look for quality content to learn. One can learn for free or through paid courses. Usually, the cheapest path ends up being the most expensive one in the long term.

Also, make sure you don’t get into this all by yourself. This is a long and hard path, so make sure you find fellow traders along the road! I am fully devoted to trading and keep studying day after day. At the time of writing, I enrolled in an MQL4 trading course. Also, when you join courses, you get to know people who share your interests!

Re investors, I’d recommend them to define an investment method before they start investing. I get the feeling that most of them don’t follow a given method, they just seem to follow their feelings, which is the worst approach to investing!

To become a successful investor, you’d need to:

1. Know in advance how much you are willing to invest
2. Define your criteria to filter DARWINS
3. Build a diversified portfolio
4. Revisit your portfolio regularly to rebalance its composition.

Either you are right, or you make money.

Sincerely yours,



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