Trader interview with kewangandco (DARWIN $KWC)

If you review the “All DARWINS” section on our site, DARWIN $KWC will not go unnoticed. Despite having a low Experience score, $KWC managed to get a spot in the “Promising“, “Trending” and “On Fire” filters. Not bad!

Want to know more about the trader behind DARWIN $KWC? Read on!

Tell us a little about yourself.  How did you first catch the bug for trading and how long have you been trading for?

I started to take an interest in trading in my first year of baccalaureate, so it’s been 7 years.

Passionate about the world of investment in general, I was naturally directed to stock markets.

I started with a small account and gradually, I discovered CFDs, Forex. I met the right people who taught me techniques, with whom I have created my strategy and my money management over time.

In regards to your strategy, which assets/pairs do you usually trade?  What timeframes do you like using?

Clearly, I do not have any asset or favorite timeframe. On Sunday nights, I analyse some twenty pairs, gold, oil, etc.  and I place my orders at the market opening, depending on the signals that I have spotted.

As a trader, what would you say is your main strength?

Accepting losses. For me, not accepting loss leads to frustration, irrational decision-making and, therefore, a series of losses.

And your biggest weakness?

Even though I try to correct it every day, I would say that my greatest weakness is forcing myself to constantly be in the market. I think it will change over time.

According to our algorithms, your strategy stands out in particular for its Performance (Pf).  Is there any advice you can offer to other user so they can improve their score for these attributes?

I don’t think there it is a secret: you need good money management, accuracy, followed without any exceptions. A trade is therefore open with a SL placed below or above specific levels.

As a result, the risk is limited.

What would you say is the most important lesson you have learnt in the world of trading?

You must clearly robotise yourself to the maximum, and have a schedule (analysis, trading schedule, the time slots to go in / out, etc.), money management, and avoid turning back.

Another thing, do not take a trade if all the signals included in your method do not converge together.

Lastly, do you have any comments you wish to add for other traders or investors who are reading?

Learn and train with competent people, do not believe in easy winnings. Weigh up carefully the relation between earnings (if any) / stress. Indeed, managing money or investing money, is not suitable for everyone I think, if it destroys you emotionally, and are no longer able to sleep properly, then stop!



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