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Telling the skilled traders from the lucky (9)

On the DARWIN Exchange, every trading strategy is “technically investable”. This does not mean that every trading strategy should be invested. Investors must find the needle in haystack!

Why investors and not Darwinex? Simple: as an Exchange, Darwinex does not give investment advice.

In this episode, podcast host Nick “The Moose” Batsford and Juan Colón talk about how DARWIN investors can tell skilled traders from lucky ones.

Fundamentals of DARWIN investing

Register for this webinar if you want to master the basics of DARWIN investing.

Investors need to tell the skilled traders from the lucky

To pick investable traders in the DARWINian haystack is your call, not ours. But the Exchange makes information & tools available for investors.

Of these, in this podcast episode we’ll cover the 12 proprietary attributes Darwinex has developed to evaluate trading strategies that are to be listed as DARWINs. 12 algorithmic filters to scan skill in the lucky pot. 5 years worth of quants invested in them!

Lucky traders delivered return yesterday but their luck runs out tomorrow. Good traders deliver future returns because yesterday’s returns weren’t luck.

Listen to the episode

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