Quote Your MT5 Trading Strategy And Tap Investment Capital

Quote your MT5 trading strategy, make it investable by creating a DARWIN and tap investment capital on the Darwin Exchange.

If a while back we offered a warm welcome to MT5, today we inform you that you can darwinize* them in order to be able to tap the currently 54mn invested into traders on the DARWIN Exchange.

* Darwinize (verb) => action to create a DARWIN (it cannot be seen in the OED yet, but we will get there:)

How to create a DARWIN from an MT5 account

In order to create a DARWIN with your MT5 account and thus make your trading strategy available to investment capital charging a 20% performance fee, you only have to comply with the requirements explained in the article “How to create a DARWIN?”.

Once the strategy has reached the experience required to create a DARWIN, you need to go to the trading strategy you want to darwinize* and click on the option “Create DARWIN” placed in the upper right of the site.

tap investment capital MT5

Coming soon

New features coming soon include the possibility to migrate your internal MT4 track-record to MT5 as well as linking and migrating your current MT5 track-record accumulated with an external broker to Darwinex.

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  1. Vitor
    Vitor says:

    Dear support team,

    Just a confirmation: Does an investor account can either invest in MT4 based Darwins and MT5 based Darwins at same time, correct?

    Thank you,


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