Widgets, widgets everywhere.

Widgets are a great way to showcase your trading performance, either on your own site or in forums and other places where you discuss trading.  As you may have already seen, for a while now we’ve had javascript widgets that allow you to embed strategy performance graphics and info on your own site, or other sites that allow js embeds.  But that’s where the problem starts. Not all sites let you do this.  So, we’ve come up with a new set of widgets that are just image based.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new widgets available to you:

widget examples


As you can see from the above, there are 3 types of widget available in a light and dark theme, making 6 in total.

If you’re already a user with us, then you can see your new widgets in action here.  If not, then now is the time to join us! 🙂  We offer some of the best trading conditions around as well as the chance to win monthly in our DarwinIA contest and scale your trading strategies with our Investor Platform.

Your DarwinEX widgets

We thought it’d be useful to explain the use of your DarwinEX widgets in this blog post for future reference.

Deploying your widget

All you need is visit the widgets section in the main DarwinEX user menu.

Understanding the syntax

The widget syntax contains the following variables:

  • Widget type: there’s currently 3 types of widgets, feel free to share ideas for more!
  • Strategy holder: DarwinEX user name of the strategy
  • Strategy code: DarwinEX code for the strategy
  • Widget publisher: DarwinEX user name for the user publishing the widget
  • Size in pixels (note this is widget dependent)

The example below shows the syntax for the return widget in a hypothetical case where SatoTrader publishes the return for his strategy WGD.4.


Risk / Return / Drawdown widget

We have not implemented any authentication to keep things simple – data is public on our LeaderBoard anyways. Rules of engagement

  1. Any DarwinEX user may publish the track-record for any linked or traded with DarwinEX.
  2. Any lead first visiting DarwinEX via the widget is credited to the scouting account of the publisher, provided the publisher coincides with the strategy holder

This means that anyone CAN publish (e.g. usurp) someone else’s track record. BUT unless we make an exception (which we may do for trusted educational providers) he/she will NOT be credited for leads. We sometimes tolerate selfish behaviour if it results in a selfless contribution to the Independent Trader movement 🙂 Questions / Suggestions? As ever, feel free to reach out to Ignacio, Vladi & Co. will be happy to listen & help!