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MetaTrader and Wine / PlayOnMac incompatibility on MacOS Catalina

18 October 2019

We’d like to inform you that MetaTrader terminals are currently not working correctly when using Wine or PlayOnMac on MacOS Catalina. CodeWeavers (developers of Wine) are already working on fixing this. We recommend that if you use Wine or PlayOnMac on MacOS, you postpone updating the operating system to MacOS Catalina until a solution is […]

Automated Tick Data Collection & Storage with R, MetaTrader and a VPS.

Automated Tick Data Collection & Storage with R, MetaTrader, and a VPS

13 April 2018

Let’s continue where we left off in our last post on tick data collection. If you missed it, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with its contents first. Here’s the link again: https://blog.darwinex.com/download-tick-data-metatrader/ Therein, we promised a follow-up post that would discuss an approach for retail traders to automate tick data collection with the R […]

MetaTrader Expert Advisors: The Set & Forget Myth [EAS-II]

MetaTrader EAs: The “Set & Forget” Myth [EAS-II]

19 February 2018

This is the second post in the MetaTrader Expert Advisor [EAS] series we’ve begun recently. In case you missed it, here’s a link to the first post: Commercial Expert Advisors: everything that glitters is not gold. If you’re wondering what “set & forget” means, it’s a common catch phrase used widely by many commercial MetaTrader […]

ZeroMQ - Transaction Reporting via MetaTrader (ZMQ-III)

ZeroMQ – Transaction Reporting via MetaTrader (ZMQ-III)

16 February 2018

In this third installment of our ZeroMQ series, we describe how to use ZeroMQ in non-MQL trading strategies to get the following information: Account Information (e.g. equity, margin, balance, etc) Trades at market (live or pending) Historical Trades If you haven’t already, please consider reading the following posts before proceeding further in this article: ZMQ-I: […]

ZeroMQ - Trade Execution & Reporting in MetaTrader (ZMQ-II)

ZeroMQ – Trade Execution in MetaTrader (ZMQ-II)

31 January 2018

This post builds on the contents of the previous article in this series, namely ZeroMQ – How to Interface Python/R with MetaTrader 4. Therein, we proposed a solution to creating trading strategies in ZeroMQ supported programming languages outside the MetaTrader environment, with the latter simply acting as the intermediary to the market. Leveraging ZeroMQ’s convenient […]

Constructing Currency Portfolios in MetaTrader

Constructing a Currency Portfolio in MetaTrader

24 January 2018

This post describes how to construct a currency portfolio composed of any number of currency pairs (from those available on the Darwinex platform) and allocations, in MetaTrader. A few common use-cases for constructing currency portfolios include: Studying the correlation of a trading strategy’s returns to market volatility. Trading currency strength instead of single pairs themselves. […]

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