Implementation of ESMA leverage: calendar and practical example

11 July 2018

After having given you all the details regarding the new ESMA regulations, as well as their impact for traders, investors and DARWINs, today’s post evaluates several different circumstances that you may encounter during the implementation process. We provide concrete examples to dispel any doubts and  lay out all the requirements that you have to meet […]

esma leverage

ESMA Leverage: Impact On Traders, Investors And DARWINs

26 June 2018

The following post complements the article ESMA – Product Intervention published a few months ago in our blog and aims to provide all the details of the impending regulatory change, as well as the impact of ESMA leverage on traders, investors and DARWINs. ESMA’s new regulations are just around the corner, so we suppose that, […]


How do good traders use leverage? (Part II)

25 June 2018

This post continues the discussion on optimal leverage that we began in the first part of this series. Today we shed light on the hypothesis, modelling and results phases of a study conducted by Darwinex Labs, wherein they quantitatively demonstrated the long-term impact of incremental leverage on trading strategy performance. Particular emphasis was laid on […]

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How Much Trading Capital Do You Need To Earn $100K A Year?

15 June 2018

In this article, we are going to make use of the professional trader’s calculator to find out how much capital you need to earn a 6-figure salary ($ 100,000). This may vary depending on your trading style, time horizon, leverage, the mathematical expectancy of your strategy but, above all, of an aspect that you may […]

how good traders use leverage

How do good traders use leverage? – Part I

25 May 2018

Good traders know that no more than between 5:1 and 10:1 D leverage is required to achieve 20% to 60% returns per annum, at 10% VaR. Background In a recent Spanish podcast episode, Darwinex CEO Juan Colón shed light on behaviours of successful DARWIN providers (traders) at Darwinex. Insights shared were as a result of […]

Increasing investment capacity through leverage on the Darwinex platform

8 August 2017

If as a DARWIN investor you have the leverage option enabled, there is a way to increase your investment amount in the event that you have a profitable open position in a given DARWIN.   By way of example, let’s assume that: We have €5,000 invested in a DARWIN, The open P/L is €1,000. The […]

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