Loss Aversion (Behavioural Finance)

Minimiza el Riesgo de tu Portfolio con los DARWINs de la Comunidad $DWC y $DWF

18 July 2017

En este artículo vamos a analizar cómo los inversores de DARWINs pueden minimizar el riesgo de sus carteras gracias al poder de la diversificación. En concreto, explicaremos las ventajas de incluir alguno de los DARWINs de la Comunidad -$ DWC o $ DWF- en una cartera de inversión compuesta por DARWINS que sufren aversión a […]

Real-Time Trader Sentiment

$DWC – A Real Time Sentiment Index & Security

5 July 2017

Fundamental and Technical trading indicators have long been used as a proxy for market sentiment. But by definition, these indicators have always lagged the movements they’ve been used to forecast. With the advent of “Big Data”, social data too has joined the ranks, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, with various attempts being made to harness any […]

Introducing DarwinexLabs – Prop Investing DARWINs

19 June 2017

Introducing DarwinexLabs We’re sending our Quant team on a new mission – and what better way to start than a new name? Introducing DarwinexLabs! What mission? DarwinexLabs’ next mission is to openly beat the market leveraging the DARWIN data-set. Why, and why now? Re-loaded introduces a new visual interface, but the bigger changes are under the hood. All diagnostic […]

DWC introducing the Hedging DARWIN

DWC is DarwinexLabs’ first product, and is already listed at the Exchange. This post lays out Why DWC? Lessons learnt in the development process How DWC revenues will be shared with the community As you’ll gather from this post, actively leveraging community data is a major strategic milestone for Darwinex, and we’d be extremely grateful […]

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