ECB Interest Rate Decision Trading

June ECB Interest Rate Decision | All eyes are on the ECB

It’s time to prepare for the upcoming June ECB Interest Rate Decision. The EURUSD is long considered to be the least volatile forex pair.

Did you know Darwinex uses the EURUSD as a reference in its calculating the D-Leverage? 

But, when the ECB meets to decide on the Interest Rate for the Eurozone, this can change.

Unlike other central banks, the ECB is responsible for setting the monetary policy of 19 countries. The 19 member countries’ Central Banks are shareholders of the ECB.

Rates were last changed back in June 2016. The ECB has been pretty predictable in keeping rates at 0.00% since then, which has meant minimal spikes in volatility.

Interest Rate Decisions always carry the potential for colossal volatility spikes and should be considered a hazardous time to trade.

Do you trade central bank interest rate decisions?

If you plan to trade the ECB Interest Rate Decision, Tweet us how you plan to tackle the volatility storm should it surface!

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