Introducing Darwinian Dividiends

Nuevos Dividendos Darwinianos

12 December 2017

Dividendos Darwinianos El mercado de DARWINS va a empezar a pagar dividendos en forma de premios en efectivo, además de los premios en forma de asignación nocional de capital que ya reparte DarwinIA.     Si te estás preguntando: ¿Por qué lanzamos los Dividendos Darwinianos? ¿De dónde salen? ¿Cómo se determina el importe? Esperamos que […]

Introducing DarwinexLabs – Prop Investing DARWINs

19 June 2017

Introducing DarwinexLabs We’re sending our Quant team on a new mission – and what better way to start than a new name? Introducing DarwinexLabs! What mission? DarwinexLabs’ next mission is to openly beat the market leveraging the DARWIN data-set. Why, and why now? Re-loaded introduces a new visual interface, but the bigger changes are under the hood. All diagnostic […]

DWC introducing the Hedging DARWIN

DWC is DarwinexLabs’ first product, and is already listed at the Exchange. This post lays out Why DWC? Lessons learnt in the development process How DWC revenues will be shared with the community As you’ll gather from this post, actively leveraging community data is a major strategic milestone for Darwinex, and we’d be extremely grateful […]

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