DarwinIA winners Q1 and Q2 review | Six months of DARWINs’ in 2021

Six months into the 2021 DarwinIA, it’s time to take a look at the who’s who of DarwinIA winners so far.

What is DarwinIA?

For those unfamiliar with DarwinIA, DarwinIA is Darwinex’s prop trading allocation. Every month Darwinex invests up to €7.5 million in the top 120 DARWINs. The DARWIN providers get to keep this allocation for six months and earn performance fees.

Every month the top 3 “winners” (really, there are 120 winners, but this would take too long to mention them all individually) are displayed on the website, shared across social media and mentioned in the DarwinIA winners edition email.

Thus giving these DARWIN providers more exposure. All DARWINs in DarwinIA are eligible to attract third-party capital.

All 120 DARWINs that receive allocation are published on the DarwinIA standings page.

DarwinIA winners.

December 2020*

EEY – mufxtrading – €17,000

HEO – wavetrading – €44,000

NWO – Positivebit – €252,000

January 2021

XYQ – Jhui – €165,000

TDD – TwentyEight – €300,000

TVG – trizzard – €45,000

February 2021

FFV – monira – €233,000

BAX – corni – €116,000

OOP – TradeSignalMachine – €35,000

March 2021

QJU – BearVsBull – €32,000

IZU – Taigosan – €300,000

LWK – LEVAN – €32,000

April 2021

NVL – Farid – €22,000

VVC – VictorD – €71,000

IVP – PiKG – €37,000

May 2021

SKI – StokesBay – €360,000

VRT – VolcanoFX – €163,000

OOS – pepewin – €252,000

*Allocation is based on the previous month’s performance. So DARWINs who receive their allocation in January will have been top performers in December.

All DARWIN allocations have been rounded down to the nearest €1,000.

The first thing that stands out is that there have been 18 different DARWINs from 18 DARWIN providers who have won allocation in the last six months.

Remember that Darwinex allocates capital to the top 120 DARWINs, not just the top 3. For instance, NWO, who won the December DarwinIA, has more recently placed 5th in April, and 38th in May, earning them €180,000 and €60,000 respectively.

Due to the vast quantity of high performing DARWINs receiving DarwinIA allocation, this post can only highlight the top 3 performing DARWINs of each month.

The second thing is that there have been 18 different DARWIN providers. This variety highlights the competitive nature of DarwinIA and trading in general.

This competition is of benefit to both Traders and Investors alike. For Investors, it provides them with an outstanding variety of Investment options. For Traders, it encourages them to look for new ways to create positive returns.

So 18 different DARWINs from 18 different DarwinIA winners. How’s that for Diversification?

Big or small. It doesn’t matter.

It’s also good to see smaller accounts getting excellent size allocations. If you look at EEY and NVL, for instance. EEY has 21x their equity in DarwinIA allocation; NVL has 19x. NVL also has six investors.

This highlights that you don’t need a large account to make a difference. This is the very ethos DarwinIA is built upon. Helping traders achieve their full potential, with an avenue into attracting third-party capital.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, you have the likes of TDD who has €300k from DarwinIA and over $100k from 26 investors, IZU with €420k from DarwinIA and $119k from 10 investors, and SKI with €492k from DarwinIA and $386k from 79 investors.

It really doesn’t matter if you have a small account, a larger account, a few investors or lots of investors. If you have a trading strategy that performs well, you stand a chance of attracting third-party capital.

If you’re a trader and you don’t already have a Darwinex account, you could be missing out.

What will happen in Q3? Another three different winners? Or will one of the existing providers add some more allocation to their DARWIN?

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