We are launching single stock DARWINs in beta

9 April 2019
The Market Owl

As resolved at the beginning of  the year and as some of you already guessed, we are launching stock DARWINs in beta.

The stock DARWINs have the same objective risk (10% monthly VaR) as the rest of the DARWINs but they can only trade CFDs of US stocks without trading any other type of assets.  For the time being they can be identified on the underlying strategy’s page with ‘Single stock CFDs (USA)’ in the section indicating the type of trading account.  Further down the line we will create a filter to locate them.


stocks DARWINs


Paralleled with this announcement we will start to approve the DARWINs which our users ask us to create.  To facilitate there being many stock DARWINs, we are working on offering shares, as well as on the current MT5 platform, also on the MT4 platform.

Even though there is the option to create a DARWIN from a single stocks trading account, for a time we will not allow the DARWIN to have investors with live funds, and therefore, neither can these DARWINs participate in the DarwinIA trading competition.  The reason behind this restriction is that we have had to adapt the risk manager and we want to have a trial period to be sure that it all works correctly.  In addition, we will use this time to configure the routing system for the investors’ share orders.

Another change that comes with the stocks DARWINs is the adaptation of the Capacity attribute.  This attribute already takes into account the lower liquidity of shares compared with the rest of the assets available at Darwinex.

On the other hand, the R+, R- and Dc attributes still require some changes to the analysis of shares accounts, which we will carry out ideally before allowing investment in these DARWINs.

We are aware of the great interest from our traders and investor in European shares and also in cash stocks.  Once we see the reception of the share DARWINs, we will evaluate offering them.

What do you think of the launch of share DARWINs in beta?  We await your comments and feedback.

Photo by Got Credit on Foter.com / CC BY