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Skrill is back for adding and withdrawing funds

We’re bringing back Skrill as a method for adding and withdrawing funds to a Darwinex wallet.

Last December we resolved to add electronic payment platforms for depositing and withdrawing.

Our users were facing a growing number of difficulties moving funds by bank transfer. Especially users outside Europe. They were asking us to be able to use other methods. Even at the cost of paying the transaction commissions themselves.

So we are bringing back Skrill as a method for adding and withdrawing funds.

 Go to “Deposits and withdrawals”

There are some restrictions when it comes to using Skrill. The most important ones are the following.

  • Max. deposit via Skrill amounts to 2,000 € / $ / £. This is not a monthly or yearly amount but rather a total amount per account holder. We are strict about this, so please only use Skrill for urgent deposits.
  • You may withdraw funds deposited via Skrill only to the same Skrill account they came from. You can withdraw by Skrill a max. of 150% of the funds deposited by Skrill. This now also applies to deposits by card.

In the case of deposits we pass on to customers a 0.5 % commission. In the case of withdrawals, we pass on any applicable withdrawal costs to customers.

Stay tuned, as more news about electronic payment platforms is coming this year!

What do you think about bringing back Skrill? Please share your comments and feedback.

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