Single Stocks on the MT4 Platform

Traders at Darwinex can now trade single stock CFDs on the MT4 platform.  This is the precursor to allowing investment in single stock DARWINs.

A year and a half ago we launched our first offer of single stock contracts for difference.  We started with the 30 single stocks on the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the MT5 platform.  Half a year later, we added a selection of the more liquid single stock CFDs from the NYSE and the Nasdaq, likewise on MT5. The total offer extends to some 250 US stocks.  Another half a year later, we launched single stock DARWINs in beta (DARWINs created but not investable).

We are now introducing the possibility to trade our single stock CFDs on the MT4 platform as well. With this change, we hope to significantly increase the number of single stock DARWINs before allowing investment in these DARWINs.

In order to trade live single stocks in MT4, you would have to create a new MT4 account.  You cannot trade them in the same account which you use to trade other assets.  Another restriction is that you cannot connect nor migrate single stock MT4 accounts from another broker.

Open an MT4 account for trading shares

In terms of cost and execution, there is no difference between MT5 or MT4. The $0.04 per contract roundtrip brokerage commission you pay us buys you the best fill in the open market, including both CBOE and every alternative via systematic internalisers under the Mifid regime in Europe.

Consult our single stocks on offer

For a complete explanation of how Darwinex’s share CFDs work, check out this webinar recording from last May. The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Why Darwinex started offering single stocks CFDs
  • Why CFDs instead of cash stocks
  • Risks of CFDs
  • CFDs vs. direct market access (DMA) CFDs
  • The price you see
  • The price you get
  • Slippage in the case of stocks


Do you have any questions regarding trading single stocks on MT4? Do not hesitate to share them in comments.

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