Brexit, D-Leverage & DARWINS

Low liquidity & high volatility expected

Please note that high volatility is expected on GBP, EUR, CHF currency pairs and on UK and European indices on Thursday (23 June 2016) due to the UK referendum. Also, liquidity providers are expected to significantly limit their liquidity, which can give rise to abnormal widening of spreads, potential increased amounts of slippage on executed orders and, eventually, gaps in the charts due to the low liquidity available. This is important when setting your SL & TP.

D-Leverage & Risk Manager

If you are planning to trade on 23 June 2016, please note that the D-Leverage is likely to increase during the UK vote, which could eventually affect Risk Management scores.

Further, please bear in mind that our Risk Manager will be more restrictive when replicating DARWINS’ trades in EUR, GBP, XAUUSD, UK100, STOXX50E, DAX, FCHI40 & USD that remain open on 23 June 2016 after 01:00 GMT.

This is to protect our investors from the high volatility expected. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at for support.




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