Recently added features

Our IT guys keep working hard to make life easier (and better!) for Darwinex users. Below you can find the latest features that were deployed to our website.

1. Information on migrated accounts

As you may know, traders can import their live track records from other brokers to their Darwinex live trading accounts. Wouldn’t it be handy for investors to know whether a DARWIN’s track record was achieved entirely on a Darwinex account or not?

As you can see below, DARWINs based on migrated accounts do now display the date when they started trading with Darwinex (e.g. trades made before 6 June 2014 by the trader below where NOT made on a Darwinex live account, but on a different broker’s live account).


We’d recommend waiting a few weeks after migration before investing in such DARWINs as performances may vary across different brokers due to different execution conditions.

2. New Referral links

Would you like to invite your friends over to Darwinex? Visit the “Invite” section to use the new invitation links: each link points to a different section on our website (DarwinIA, trader sign-up, investor sign-up, etc.). Anyone signing up through your links will be deemed as “yours”!


3. New Hall of Fame

The DarwinIA Hall of Fame does now disclose which traders have performed better in DarwinIA.


Just visit the DarwinIA Hall of Fame and switch from “Strategies” to “Users” at the top left corner.

New features & improvements are underway, we’ll keep you posted!

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