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Trading Schedule for the Queen’s Funeral 
Please note our amended trading hours for the upcoming Queen’s Funeral (UK) & National Day of Mourning for the Queen (Australia). Kindly bear in mind that spreads may widen and liquidity may be thinner during bank holidays. Also, changes in the applicable swap rates are common in the days leading up to bank holidays.  For any questions, we're one email away at Trade…
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US Labor Day Bank Holiday Amended Trading hours
The US Labor Day on September 5th, 2022 will affect the trading schedule of XAUUSD, XAGUSD, XTIUSD, XNGUSD, STOXX50E, GDAXI, FCHI40, UK100, J225, SPX500, WS30, NDX, and US STOCK CFDs.  Please find below the amended Darwinex trading schedule:  See Trading Hours Kindly bear in mind that during holidays spreads may widen and swaps may be charged…
UK Summer Bank Holiday Amended Trading Hours
Please note our amended trading hours for the upcoming UK Summer Bank Holiday period, including the trading hours for the DARWIN asset class. UK100 Friday 26th AugustEarly Close 19:58 UTC Monday 29th AugustClosedTuesday 30th AugustLate Open 00:01 UTC Kindly bear in mind that spreads may widen and liquidity may be thinner during bank holidays. Also, changes in…
Interview with bocoja (DARWIN $ULI)
We had the pleasure to interview Javier Colón. He is one of Darwinex’s three founders but this time we spoke to Javier the trader, which he also is. His DARWIN ULI’s track record starts in June 2016 and is a threefold DarwinIA winner until now (June, September and December 2018).
Interview With NaturalStep ($NSC)
We had the pleasure to interview NaturalStep, the trader of DARWIN $NSC. Migrated to Darwinex in February 2018, $NSC has had a D-score > 70 ever since June 2017. A fourfold DarwinIA winner (March, June, September and November 2018) $NSC is currently included  in the Good Scores, Return > 50%, On Fire and Under the radar filters!
Interview with Positivebit (DARWIN TKT)
We've had the pleasure of interviewing Positivebit, the trader behind DARWIN TKT, TTK and BKP. $TKT maintained a D-score over 70 from the Summer of 2017 until October 2018 while $TTK won a DarwinIA allocation of 80,000.00 in September 2018. Positivebit, tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started and how long…
Why we don’t publish a DARWIN migration policy
Investable traders are Darwinex’s lifeblood. The better the traders, the more investor profits and AuM, the bigger the appeal for better traders. No growth strategy beats happy traders and investors because detecting, attracting and rewarding talent feeds a virtuous profit exchange. The flip-side of “trader/product first” is that we hardly market outbound, and most good traders…
Interview with FxAzil (DARWIN $CLA)
We have the pleasure of interviewing FxAzil, the trader behind the DARWIN $CLA. $CLA is based on a trading strategy which has been trading through the broker Darwinex since its inception in June 2016. Tell us a little about yourself.  How did you first catch the bug for trading and how long have you been trading…

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