Post-Brexit margin requirements

Following the British referendum to leave the European Union, we are tracking market volatility in order to revert to our standard terms ASAP.

Given the current market conditions, we have decided to gradually lower the margin requirements, starting by GBP pairs and European indices (see below). We’ll keep tracking market volatility in the coming days and expect to have all products at their pre-Brexit margin levels shortly, we’ll keep you duly posted.

Instrument New Margin (Post-Brexit)
AUDCAD 1.00%
AUDCHF 1.00%
AUDJPY 1.00%
AUDNZD 1.00%
AUDUSD 1.00%
CADCHF 1.00%
CADJPY 1.00%
CHFJPY 1.00%
EURAUD 2.00%
EURCAD 2.00%
EURCHF 2.00%
EURGBP 2.00%
EURJPY 2.00%
EURNOK 2.00%
EURNZD 2.00%
EURUSD 2.00%
GBPAUD 2.00%
GBPCAD 2.00%
GBPCHF 2.00%
GBPJPY 2.00%
GBPNOK 2.00%
GBPNZD 2.00%
GBPUSD 2.00%
NZDCAD 1.00%
NZDCHF 1.00%
NZDJPY 1.50%
NZDUSD 1.00%
USDCAD 1.00%
USDCHF 1.00%
USDHKD 5.00%
USDJPY 1.00%
USDNOK 2.00%
USDSEK 2.00%
USDSGD 5.00%
XAUUSD 2.00%
XAGUSD 2.00%
XTIUSD 3.00%
XNGUSD 3.00%
XPDUSD 4.00%
XPTUSD 4.00%
STOXX50E 2.00%
GDAXI 2.00%
SPX500 2.00%
WS30 2.00%
NDX 2.00%
J225 2.00%
AUS200 2.00%
FCHI40 2.00%
UK100 2.00%

For the ease of reference, Margin in % =  (1/max. leverage)* 100. In other words:

0.50 % = 1:200 leverage

1.00 % = 1:100 leverage

2.00 % = 1:50 leverage

5.00 % = 1:20 leverage, etc.

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  1. danarag
    danarag says:

    The margin variations mentioned in the post, as well as the previous days, are not reflected in my demo MT4, so I have to take them into account mentally. No problem so far because I have been told. But, what happens in real mode MT4 when margins are suddenly modiffied to keep track of market turmoil? Are the margin changes reflected in real mode MT4 or not? Thanks for the answer.

    • The Market Owl
      The Market Owl says:

      Hi, thanks for the comment.

      Yes, margin changes are reflected real time on live accounts.
      (They’re also reflected on demo accounts, but for the time being we’re not updating margin settings on the demo server)


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