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Platform upgrade: more customized and intuitive than ever before

At Darwinex, we continue to evolve, always keeping in mind the needs of our clients.

A year ago, we made the strategic decision to change our platform. In March, we began our transformation by introducing a segmentation survey to personalize your experience with us. With this new launch, we now culminate what we consider the first phase of our product change, improving navigation through our platform based on your user profile.

We classify our customers into three segments, each looking for different information and services:

  • Classic Trader: interested in the brokerage service exclusively.
  • DARWIN Provider: in addition to the brokerage service, these customers are interested in accessing investor capital.
  • Investor: interested in diversifying their overall portfolio by investing in DARWIN indices.

Moreover, there are ”classic traders” and ”DARWIN providers” who are also investors.

This new web interface aims to make it easier for each type of client to access the content that will benefit them in a more straightforward and personalized way. Depending on your profile in Darwinex, you will be immediately assigned the segment to which you belong. Below, we detail the new navigation for each of the profiles:

Darwinex Profiles

Classic Trader profile

If you have a Classic Trader account (you trade with your own capital and you are not a DARWIN provider), you can see the information of your trading accounts, the Backtests tools, and the Historical Tick Data (where you can download the historical data of the prices of the assets we offer in Darwinex).

If you have your trading account open, you will see the “Strategy Analysis” page, where you can view the statistics of the account you have selected.

If you want to evolve from a Classic Trader to a DARWIN Provider, you can easily do this directly from the platform.

Classic Trader – Menu

You can go to the “Trading Accounts” tab to do and see everything related to them:

Trading Accounts – Options
  • Open an account
  • Platforms: shows the different platforms available, the allowed assets, tradeable asset metrics, and the execution conditions.
  • My accounts: details about your live, linked, demo, and closed account(s).

DARWIN Provider profile

In this tab, you can access your trading accounts, DarwinIA, Hall of Fame, pricing discounts, and other tools such as Historical Tick Data, Backtests, DARWIN API, and the raw data from DARWINs. If you have created your DARWIN, you can view the statistics page of your Investable Index and trading account, the investor’s behavior analysis, divergence data, and performance fees.

Darwin Provider – Menu

Investor Profile

This profile will enable you to see all of the functionality you’re already used to as an investor, plus some new features.

  • Existing: your portfolio chart, your invested DARWINs, pending orders, history, performance fees, and management fees paid to date, plus the risk metrics of your portfolio.
  • New: In addition, you can now directly access the sections to explore DARWINs, your Investor dashboard, your lists, the predefined and custom filters, utilities such as backtesting tool, the DARWIN API, and the raw data from DARWINs.
Menu Investor – Options

Navigating between profiles

If you only have a Trader or Investor profile, you can add a new one for cases where you are a Trader and also want to invest in DARWINs or vice versa. The platform will now give you the ability to easily navigate between profiles to give you the features you need at that time. This is achieved by using the Account Selector below the “Home” icon.

Navigation Between Profiles

This product enhancement makes it easier to navigate between your user profiles. Key sections in both profiles are much more accessible, personalized and intuitive to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

This change in the navigation structure will also provide the foundations for the next evolution of the Darwinex product, which we are already working on and will be loaded with new features.

We hope you find these improvements to make the platform more intuitive, and as always, you can send us suggestions or questions to our contact email to continue improving the product

. Good Trading to all!

Your Darwinex Team.

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