New XAUUSD trading hours (effective from 26 March 2017)

As you may recall, back in August 2016 we introduced a daily 1 minute trading halt to avoid the wide spreads and large candles owed to the low liquidity available at market’s open.

Since then our spreads around rollover time have improved significantly and complaints due to SL getting triggered around market open are very rare. Unfortunately, XAUUSD liquidity around rollover time still doesn’t meet the high quality standards that our traders deserve, so we’re extending XAUUSD’s trading halt one minute with effect from Sunday 26 March 2017.

The new XAUUSD trading hours will remain in force until further notice. We will monitor the liquidity available at all times and we will remove the daily trading breaks only when we are sure that the liquidity available meets our clients’ needs.

New XAUUSD Trading Hours (effective from 26 March 2017)*
Instrument Open (Sunday)* Trading Hours (Weekdays)* Close (Friday)*
XAUUSD 23:01:00 23:01:00 – 21:59:00 21:55:00

*Times are in UK time. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at should you have questions about the new trading hours.

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