New margin requirements

If you visit the new “Trading Conditions” section on our website, you’ll notice that our margin requirements have changed.

Going forward, different margin requirements will apply to different assets within one trading account (as opposed to a general leverage applicable to an account). This allows us to better deal with volatile / risk events affecting a given pair or currency.

Please note that the new margin requirements will be applicable to all the Darwinex live accounts starting on 6 December 2015 (they already apply to accounts opened after 25 November 2015).

For the ease of reference, Margin in % =  (1/max. leverage)* 100. In other words:

0.50 % = 1:200 leverage (e.g. max. allowed leverage for liquid pairs such as EURUSD or EURJPY).

1 % = 1:100 leverage (which applies to pairs such as AUDJPY or USDCHF).

2 % = 1:50 leverage; 5 % = 1:20 leverage, etc.


To see all the assets and their relevant margin requirements, please click here). As always, please feel free to get in touch at should you need assistance.


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