New functionality: Backtests & Darwinex Score

Since we introduced our algos & analytics more than 3 years ago, lots of algorithmic traders reached out to us requesting a tool to analyse their backtests’ Darwinex Score & Investable Attributes.

As always, your wish is our command. These are good times for algo traders because we have just launched the brand new backtest-functionality! You can now upload your Mt4 backtests in .HTML & .csv format so our algos can analyse your backtest’s VaR, D-Score, Darwinia grades etc.

How does it work?

Having your backtest analysed and diagnosed is pretty simple. All you’d need to do is log in to Darwinex and select “Backtest” in the “Trading Accounts” section.


Once there, you’ll be asked to choose a base currency for your backtest, as well as a strategy name, etc. Also, as you can see below, you’ll need to pick the format of the backtest you are about to upload (MT4 backtest in HTML, MT4 statement in HMTL or backtest in .csv format).


Once done, click the “Upload” button and our algos will calculate your account’s basic statistics (return, DD, etc.) as well as more complex variables like VaR, D-Score, Investable Attributes, etc. within a few minutes.

Please note that backtests’ results will not be publicly visible, they will be available only to you at the bottom of your “Backtest” section (see “Uploaded Backtests” in the screenshot above).

Backtests vs. demo accounts

The advantages of uploading a backtest vs. a demo account are numerous. First, you don’t need to spend days (or even weeks or months!) to build a track record and test how it would have performed.

Secondly and more importantly, our algorithms do analyse the D-Score & investable attributes for backtests, whereas demo accounts are analysed for basic figures such as return and DD only. This makes backtests way more powerful to optimise your strategy than demo accounts!

The one thing backtests & demo accounts have in common is that neither of them are eligible for DarwinIA or for investors.


We hope you like the new backtest feature, feel free to get in touch at should you need assistance.




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  1. moises
    moises says:

    a very, very useful tool, special for understand investable attributes , congratulation on that 🙂
    one suggestion: make possible to upload several files to a unique strategy
    all the best.


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