New features available

Today is a big day for Darwinex: if you visit our website you’ll notice that we have launched new features that many of you have been requesting for a long time!

1. Indices & commodities

Indices and commodities are finally tradable on our MT4! Please click here for further info about the new assets available and the applicable trading conditions.


2. Corporate accounts

Would you prefer to open a corporate account rather than an individual one? Wait no more! Corporate accounts are finally available. Do not hesitate to get in touch at for queries about corporate accounts.

3. New Rebate Program

Good news come in threes: starting in December, our new Rebate Program will pay back part of the commissions charged to our traders every month. Visit our Rebates Section and use the brand new Rebates calculator to see how you could benefit from our rebates.


4. New User profile

Want to know how many DARWINs a trader has? Would you like to see all the strategies belonging to one trader? Click on any trader’s username to visit their user profile and gain a deeper insight into their Darwinex activity at a glance: how many investors do they have, what were their DarwinIA earnings in the past, which of your filters’ criteria do they meet, etc.



5. New margin levels on MT4

Going forward, different margin levels will apply to different pairs (instead of having a max. leverage per account, different margins will apply to different assets).

This change will apply with immediate effect to newly created MT4 accounts, whereas margin levels on existing accounts will remain untouched until further notice.


For ease of reference: 0.50 % equals to 200:1 leverage, 1 % equals to 1:100 leverage, 5 % equals to 1:20 leverage, etc.

Coming soon…

This is just the beginning of all the features that are coming. We’re now focusing our efforts on our investor platform, which is opening up to everyone in the coming weeks.

The best is yet to come!





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