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New Feature: Investor Dashboard

In the new Investor Dashboard, DARWIN investors can search for interesting DARWINs faster than in the “Explore” section.

By visiting their dashboard periodically, we think that investors will find interesting DARWINs with little effort. The new tool will suggest them DARWINs based on criteria either predefined by Darwinex or defined by the investors themselves. They’ll see the most relevant information without the need to visit the individual page of each DARWIN, something that can be tedious at times.

We want this new tool to keep growing in features and customization up to a point where each investor has a completely different dashboard, adapted to their investment needs. We’re keen to receive your feedback and suggestions to reach this goal.

Dashboard modules: ticker tape and analysis

The dashboard offers two types of modules.

  1. Ticker tape. Displays the ticker, the quote and the return on the current day of a set of DARWINs.
  2. DARWIN analysis. Displays an interface from where to analyze a set of DARWINs. Includes all main DARWIN statistics and facilitates comparison.

Set of DARWINs that can be converted into dashboard modules

Here are the sets of DARWINs available to be used in dashboard modules.

  • Predefined filters
  • Custom filters
  • DARWIN lists
  • DARWINs currently invested in one of the user’s portfolios

How to add new modules

Users can add new modules by cloning one of the existing modules. First they must set a name for the new module. Then they can select the set of DARWINs to be included in the module.

Two modules are provided by default to all users.

  • A ticker tape displaying DARWINs selected by Darwinex.
  • An analysis module that shows by default each the DARWINs included in the “Most investors” filter.

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