New Feature: hide your trading strategy

Good news! Following your feedback, we have launched a new feature that allows traders to hide one (or more) of their strategies so other users cannot see what they are working on.

This useful for traders who want to benefit from our top spreads & execution conditions but are not looking for investors’ capital. Also, traders who are testing a new system or running a strategy which score they don’t want to be accessible to others will love this new feature.

To hide your strategy, all you need to do is access the “Trading Accounts” section and click the eye icon next to the specific strategy you’d like to hide. This way, your account’s analysis & diagnosis will not be visible to other users.

Hide Strategy

Important: this feature is NOT available for trading strategies that have a DARWIN attached to them (this is so investors can review the trading strategy in order to make an investment decision).

As you can see below, strategies that are hidden can be made visible again by simply clicking the eye icon again.

Show Strategy

We hope you like this new feature, new improvements are underway!

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