New Darwinex Filters

As the number of DARWINS listed on our exchange keeps growing by the day, many investors on our platform reach out to us asking how to build their portfolio.

With this in mind and in order to make life easier for our investors, we are introducing the brand new Darwinex Filters. These new filters are now available for everyone in the DARWINS section on our website.


How do the new filters work?

The new Darwinex filters are an intuitive tool to pick new DARWINS for your portfolio. At the top left corner of the DARWINS leaderboard you’ll find different filter criteria. If you click any of the available filters, DARWINS will be automatically filtered.

What filters are available?

There are currently 6 different filters available, namely:

  1. Top InvestedThis filter contains the 20 DARWINS with more investors’ capital.
  2. Good ScoresDARWINS in this filter have good scores in all the attributes (scalability is not taken into account for the purpose of this filter).
  3. Quote > 200These DARWINS have won more than 100% since they were listed and, hence have a quote higher than 200.
  4. On FireThis filter contains the 20 DARWINS that yielded the best returns in the last 3 months while keeping a moderate drawdown level.
  5. PromisingThese DARWINS have still a low experience but they achieved good scores in their investable attributes.
  6. TrendingThis filter contains the 20 DARWINS that got more new investors during the last month.

Also, you are more than welcome to set up your own filter criteria so you can select DARWINS by pretty much any criterion you can think of by clicking the “Set up new filter” button.

More filters are underway!

New filters are coming soon, not to mention the new features that we are working on (you’ll love them!)… the best is yet to come!

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