New Feature: Multiple Live Investment Portfolios

Darwinex investors can now create more than one live investment portfolio.

The ability to create multiple investment portfolios under the same user has been a historic petition of the Darwinex investor community.

We resolved to deliver this in 2019 and here it is: from today, Darwinex investors can create more than one real investment portfolio.

How multiple investment portfolios work

Investors with live accounts can create additional investment portfolios from the investment subheader or from the Wallet of the the web application. Each user can currently create a maximum of 5 real and 1 demo investment portfolios.

When clicking on “Create live portfolio”, you’ll be asked to set the name for the new live portfolio and the amount to be transferred from the Wallet to the new portfolio. Once this is done, you’ll be able to start investing with the new portfolio right away.




Whenever you need to transfer funds from / to or between portfolios, please go to your Wallet where you’ll be able to indicate from / to which of the live portfolios you want to move funds.

Renaming of the original live portfolio -which be default is called just “REAL” – can be also done from the Wallet.




It’s important that you’re aware that portfolios are independent in terms of computing performance fees. Hence, if you’re invested in the same DARWIN on several portfolios, both your quarter end date and your high watermark with that DARWIN will be different in each of them.

Use cases of multiple live portfolios

Multiple investment portfolios can be used for following different strategies of investing in traders. For example, you could use one if your live portfolios to invest in traders who trade currencies, another to invest in traders who trade commodieties, another one for breakout DARWINS and a last one for DARWINs trading the news.

Another use case would be having a live portfolio for passive investing, another one for trading DARWINs manually and a third one for trading DARWINs through the API.

How would you use multiple investment portfolios?

As always, we’re keen to receive your comments and feedback!

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