MetaTrader 5 (MT5), Welcome to Darwinex!

It’s official – MetaTrader 5 has arrived at Darwinex! 🙂

In this post, we explain this release, and the main differences between MT4 and MT5.

Importantly, we describe what ‘can & cannot be done’ at Darwinex with each of these platforms, at the present time.

Since Darwinex started trading as a broker, (almost 4 years ago now!), we’ve offered our Darwinian family of Traders the MT4 (Metatrader 4) platform, featuring:

  • Advanced Technical Analysis capabilities
  • Flexible Trading features
  • Algorithmic Trading support in the form of Expert Advisors.
  • Ability to engineer custom price-based trading indicators.
  • Trading via the MetaTrader mobile app.
  • .. to name a few.

However, for some time now, MetaQuotes have been placing a strong emphasis on MT5, an updated version of MT4, and have stopped supporting MetaTrader 4 for WindowsXP, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista.

This, alongside us having been actively petitioned for the inclusion of MT5, has ushered all hands on deck!

Therefore, after several weeks of intense work, we have the immense pleasure of announcing that you now have the MetaTrader 5 terminal at your disposal.

It will be available alongside MetaTrader 4 for as long as MetaQuotes permits.

Main Differences Between MT4 And MT5

You can view the differences between MT4 and MT5 here.

What can I do with each platform in Darwinex?

So you’re aware of each platform’s available features at Darwinex, we’ve prepared a table of comparisons which can be found under “Trading Platforms” tab, accessible via ‘Execution Conditions‘ inside the Darwinex Platform.

We look forward to your thoughts, questions, comments and anything in between!

Please do feel free to share them via the comments section below, or on this Community Forum thread.

As always, we’d be ever so grateful if you shared this article with your friends, colleagues, coworkers and social networks 🙂

All the best,
The Darwinex Team

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    • Nicolas Faucheur
      Nicolas Faucheur says:

      Thank you for your comment Pavel!

      Well… having the choice is not too bad, either 🙂
      Some developers have already switched, and are now exclusively focused on MT5.

      If you don’t like it personally, you can consider this MetaTrader 5 release as the first BIG step toward Darwinex evolution:
      A “multi-asset/multi-platform” neutral venue for traders all over the world. You’ll love further developments in the pipeline, for sure!

      Stay tuned 😉

  1. Vitor
    Vitor says:

    Dear Support Team,

    Does your MT5 offer have the same NY close (5 daily candles/week) as your MT4?

    Also, same spreads?

    Thank you,

  2. Anees Ahmed
    Anees Ahmed says:

    The present MT5 is much improved and looks the best version. Its bootup time is extremely fast and execution is smooth and fastest ever. However the challenges will be that not all custom built free indicators, EAs used in MT4 are available exactly the same way in MT5. Since its recently introduced, MT5 also provides Darwinex a chance to see if they can improve on the wrong moving average values it shows on their MT4. 5 days candles does not necessary guarantee correct moving average values on your MT4 charts and Darwinex MT4 chart does not show correct MA values. I dont have the option in this comments section to provide screenshots to show the comparison of Darwinex MT4 and say FXCM or OANDA MT4 charts which shows correct MA values. Darwinex can check especially the 4 hour charts with different exponential moving averages and do the comparison or you may contact me and I can provide the comparison screenshots.

  3. John
    John says:

    In my opinion, MT4 is still the best solution just because there are dozens of additional indicators, tools and extensions created by enthusiasts specailly for this version. Of cours, newer version also has particular advantages, but as I`ve just found from another comparison like this it doesn`t support all stuff created for MT4. The explanation was something like the compatibility issue due to the difference in programming languages used in MT4 and MT5 (I`m not a specialist, so I may be wrong, the source is here: So, the traders would have either to continue using MT4 or to switch to MT5 but also forget about all these tools.

    At the same time, this transition period would be shorter if brokers wouldsuspend the provision of older version or there would be a way to deal with the compatibility issue.


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