MT4 mobile app for Darwinex accounts

Smartphones and tablets are a convenient way to keep up with your accounts when you don’t have access to your desktop computer.

This step by step tutorial comes in handy if you ever need to open / close trades on the go.

1. Download the MT4 app

Easy. Just access the Play Store / App Store on your phone / tablet and type “MT4” in the search box.


2. Login to an existing account

Once the MT4 app is duly downloaded & installed on your phone / tablet, click “+” in the upper right corner and choose “Login to an existing account”.



3. Search the Darwinex server

Type “Darwinex” in the search box and choose the server that shows the Darwinex owl with black background.


4. Type your MT4 login details

Same as you would do on your desktop, type your Darwinex MT4 login details and you are all ready to go!


Need help? Feel free to get in touch at, we’ll be happy to assist you!