Microlots for 5 more indices

After the DAX microlots, we now have microcontracts for 5 more indices on the MT4 platform.

The 5 index CFDs are:

  • UK100
  • AUS200
  • FCHI40
  • NDX
  • STOXX50E

Our traders can now open, in the MT4 platform, 0.01 lots of these assets instead of the 0.1 minimum we required before.

Additionally, on the SPX500 asset traders can now open, also in the MT4 platform, 0.1 lots instead of the 1 minimum we required before.

We continue working to offer all the indices with a minimum size of 0.01 contracts in MT4.

Visit the summary table of our index CFDs.

Photo by Got Credit on Foter.com / CC BY

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