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Darwinex is launching a new Scouting Program and here’s why we are sure you’ll be interested in it.

Dear trader,

Greetings from Darwinex.

A Dream Coming True

In 2012, a lonely trader started a journey to empower independent traders. Then you joined, and drip by drip, others followed and made everyone’s movement worthwhile.



Fast forward 6 years and traders & investors enjoy the DARWIN Exchange. Improving DARWINs grow investor returns. Investor returns pay the success fees that improve everyone’s trading… bringing the profit exchange forward.

It Takes One To Catch One!

We won’t dress Rafael Nadal in owly T-shirts, because there’s a faster & cheaper way to grow a trader movement. Spend marketing dollars to build a product so good, every trader wholeheartedly recommends.

Which brings YOU into the equation. Chances are, someone invited you to Darwinex … and that’s why you are here. The all new Scouting Program rewards top dollar for top traders… if YOU invite them to Darwinex before someone else does!

New Scouting Program


Yours sincerely,

Javi, Miguel & Juan

P.S We’ve articulated our vision more clearly than ever before. Thanks SO MUCH for making it come true.

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