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We launch the first version of our management terminal

We’re delighted to announce a new Darwinex feature: the first version of our capital management terminal.

Reasons for the launch

The DARWIN asset is Darwinex’s solution to enable traders to make the most profit from their intellectual property through third-party capital management. We believe that there is currently no cheaper and risk-free option for traders to manage investor capital in a completely legal way, protecting also their intellectual property.

The main challenge faced by Darwinex is ensuring that traders also trust in the way we manage DARWIN risk. Without this, it’s unlikely that the best potential asset managers will decide to list their DARWIN on our platform. Once we have achieved this, the next challenge is to maximise strategy capacity to increase their performance fees.

We recently launched a large improvement in the risk manager to make DARWIN assets more adaptable to traders’ medium-term risk changes. We’re now launching a new tool, the AuM Manager, to ensure that professional traders will continue to trust us and to provide them with enough information to make traders and Darwinex both responsible for DARWIN capacity.

The solution involves being much more transparent as regards what happens when we execute investor orders, so that traders can better understand how trade replication for investors works. We want traders to master their investors’ execution as they would do if they were managing their own money.

In the long term, we want the tool to become a management terminal. A terminal especially adapted so that traders can maximise their revenues via management. In this case, indirect management through a DARWIN asset. Current trading terminals for retailers lack this information. Most of them are only ready for own-capital, nor third-party capital management.

From now on there will be differences between the information currently displayed on the DARWIN page, aimed at investors, and this new tool. Due to its private nature, it enables us to add even more value for managers while continuing to protect their intellectual property.

What we offer in the first version of the management portal

In this first iteration, our emphasis is on providing the information needed by DARWIN providers to understand the levers that influence investor divergence. Thus they can start to better manage the fractioning of their operation to increase capacity.

It has two distinct modules:

  1. Fill-level information about all investor orders.
  2. Information about what the trader, the DARWIN, and the investors currently have open.

We will enrich the section with more graphics and information as we receive feedback and complete other developments. Above all, we will make an effort to offer the information in real time.

In the medium term, we also want to display information about the risk manager, a D-Leverage calculator, and more information about investors’ investment habits, among others.

We have prepared a user guide for the new tool. Moreover, we’ll discuss it in a podcast in early February. To make sure that we answer the questions you are most interested in, please send us your questions. Reply to this forum topic or send an audio message to include in the podcast.

We hope that you like this solution!

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