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It all started in 2012. Back then, our founders dreamt of an eco-system where traders & investors could profit together.

Four years later, our investor platform has become true and the Darwinex community keeps growing by the day. Thousands of users from all over the world enquire about our DARWINS, about DarwinIA… So far, communication has taken place one-way: we share blog posts, we tweet, we send out notifications… Sure, you can reply to those tweets, comment our blog posts, etc. but… wouldn’t it be great if members in the Darwinex community could interact with each other?

This is the idea behind the brand new Darwinex Community forum, where Darwinex members can have some banter with like minded traders & investors.


You can access the Community forum with your existing Darwinex username and post on any of the categories we’ve created. For now, we’ve chosen to launch the forum in English only, so we’d appreciate if you could stick to one language only.

As you can see above, we have created different categories.

  1. Portfolios & DARWINSYou guessed right. This category is to discuss filters, DARWINS, portfolios, etc. Feel free to use #tags when you refer to a DARWIN (e.g. #NTI, #BLI), etc. so other users can filter conversations by  those #gags. Also, you can use @Username to mention a specific user.
  2. Trading TopicsThis category is to discuss trading topics such as MQL coding, market commentary, EAs, news releases… anything!
  3. Darwinex Algorithms: We’ll use this category to solve any questions you may have about our algos. This way, Darwinex members will be able to learn from fellow traders’ / investors’ enquiries.
  4. Blog & News: Here we’ll post company announcements, news releases, etc.
  5. Help & Support: This category is to assist new users with common how to questions.
  6. Feedback & SuggestionsYour feedback is essential to building a truly revolutionary platform, so please keep the feedback coming!
  7. Off-Topic: Anything not related to the topics above will be placed here.

We look forward to reading you in the forum!

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