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Why You Too Should Join The Independent Trader Movement (1)

Welcome to the first episode of the Trader Nation Podcast, an encounter with you, traders and investors of the independent trader movement, in audio format. Hosted by Nick “The Moose” Batsford.

Episode summary

Darwinex exists because the Internet made possible what we like to call the “independent trader nation”. In the background if this are several megatrends that unleashed market evolution:

  • The web making trading technology universally affordable
  • Growth in online gaming
  • More and more people working from home in the freelance economy

People with talent & passion are graduating from sports gambling and poker and are approaching the highest stakes casinos, i.e. financial markets. Over the coming episodes of this podcast we’ll talk about ordinary people (retail traders) who no longer trust biased advice from so-called “experts” who recommend on the basis of their own and not their customers’ agenda. Some people have retail pockets but first class brains: amateur poker players who become professional FX traders as they outgrow online poker games and scale their bets or data scientists who approach the market algorithmically.

Unfortunately, technology is a necessary but not sufficient condition to bring evolution full circle. In addition to a trading terminal in a browser, further prerequisites for success are education and mentoring to NOT approach markets with the wrong expectations and, also, trading with the right business model.

We’re in the early days of a revolution, led by self-taught pioneers. Mortality remains high, visionaries pay for their learning curves with dearly short trading lifespans… and there’s lots of revenues being made by taking the other side of customer trades.

Our founder experienced the problem first-hand:

  • How to start?
  • What to learn? Skills? From whom? There is no “day-trading university!”
  • Which broker?

He didn’t feel the alternatives on offer were good enough, so he and his team designed the DARWIN Exchange (aka Darwinex) to fast-track independent trader evolution providing:

  • Brokerage services: we’re a broker squarely on the customer’s side. We don’t b-book. Period.
  • A capital market: to overcome the “trade peanuts, make peanuts” problem
  • A data market: making trader & community sentiment available to everyone, for a fair price (20% of profits)
  • Education: with a purpose

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How to get rich with trading (and how not to)!

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