Introducing the new 10% VaR DARWINS

As recently announced, 20% VaR DARWINs will be gradually discontinued from the launch of Darwinex Reloaded (amongst other improvements explained in previous posts).

We’ll explain in the coming days how real money 20% VaR DARWINS will be gradually wound down, because they won’t co-exist with 10 % VaR ones in the new environment.

Whilst 20% VaR DARWINS extinction in real money portfolios will be gradual, 20% demo DARWIN portfolios will be re-set this weekend (1-2 April 2017).

If, for whatever reasons, you need to keep track of your demo portfolio, we’d highly recommend taking a screenshot of your results before market closes on Friday as we’ll be resetting all the demo portfolios during the weekend.

Repeat: if you wish to keep any demo portfolio track-record, please save screens as former results will no longer be available.

We know this is a pain… but it’ll be worth it!

As ever, remains available for any clarifications and we sincerely look forward to your feedback on the new DARWINS!


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