Introducing new filter feature

A recurring piece of investor feedback since the launch of the Investor Beta has been more powerful filtering tools to screen DARWINs. Investors visited the DARWINs section and did not know what DARWINs to pick.

Your wish is our command – so introducing Darwinex filters! Read on to learn how to use them!

1. Choose risk level

Visit the DARWINs section and choose what DARWINs you want to appear on your search.


2. Define filter criteria

Now that you have chosen the risk level, click “Define Criteria” on the left to start the filter set up.Snip20150715_31

The window below will pop up. Add the criteria you’d like to search for. In the example below, DARWINs are filtered by some of their Investment Attributes (Experience, Consistency, Risk Management, Timing and Performance). Click “Apply” when done.


3. Set up min. & max. parameters

Choose the parameters you want your DARWINs to meet (e.g. a score higher than 7 in the Experience attribute, 5 in Consistency, 7 in Risk Management, etc.).

The filter will automatically update and show the DARWINs that meet your requirements.


Need a deeper insight into any of the DARWINs that meet your filter’s criteria? Just click the button in the “Info” tab to see further details with no need to visit that strategy’s section.


4. Save your filter

It’s time to save your filter. Click the green “Save” button and give your filter a name. A window confirming that your filter has been saved will pop up.

5. Invest and revisit

Now that you know which DARWINs meet your investment criteria, it’s time to optimise your portfolio. Make sure you revisit your filter every so often. If any given DARWIN stops meeting your criteria / any new DARWIN meets your criteria, it’s time to change your investments!

Of course, you don’t need to set up your filters every time you want to use them. Just click on the filter’s name at the top of the filters to revisit filters you saved in the past.


That’s all! As you can possibly guess, this is but the first of many upcoming releases… the best is yet to come!

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