Introducing conditional orders

Regular DARWIN investors know best – DARWINs can be leveraged for active management in addition to passive investing.

Having said that, one thing many have rightfully requested were conditional orders.

How about:

  1. Stop my loss if a DARWIN now quoting for 137 drops to 122?, or
  2. Take my profit once my DARWIN currently listing at 225 touches 240?
  3. Setting a Buy Limit order to buy a DARWIN when its quote goes below X?

Introducing Conditional Orders

Yes – conditional orders are already available in demo mode!

Try your demo portfolio now!

They’re here in that they’re already available in demo mode in the production environment. And that’s why they’re almost here. Since this is a reasonably complex functionality, we thought it best to launch conditional orders in demo mode and defer deployment in the live funds platform until we’ve gathered your feedback. On that note:

  1. We’ve scheduled an explanatory webinar for the 29 August 2017. You can register for our webinar here.
  2. We’ve drafted a detailed guide on how to use the functionality.
  3. We will be grateful for your feedback in:
    1. Identifying bugs
    2. Improving the FAQ documentation
    3. Improving the implementation

Note that conditional orders won’t be available in the mobile app. We’ll wait to roadtest the desktop application in demo mode until we’re all comfortable that things are working as expected.

As ever, will be delighted to take your feedback or clarify any questions as they no doubt will arise.

Trade safe everyone!

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