Important notice re DAX dividends

Ahead of the main dividend paying season in the stocks making up the Germany 30, our LPs are introducing a reverse dividend mechanism to ensure the index tracks the underlying basket of stocks more accurately. Whilst the Germany 30 is a total reinvestment index, the underlying stocks have withholding tax charges on any dividends paid. To ensure the index accurately tracks the basket of stocks, our LPs are introducing a withholding tax reverse dividend which will be 14% of the underlying dividend.

This means that:

  • Where you are short for GDAXI, you will receive a reverse dividend credit to your account of 14% of the dividend paid.
  • Conversely, where you are long for GDAXI, you will be charged a reverse dividend debit of 14% of the underlying dividend paid.

You should be aware that the majority of dividends are paid out in May every year where the reverse dividend process will be most prevalent.

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