Here’s what we’ve resolved to deliver in 2019

4 January 2019
The Market Owl

Happy New Year!

After answering questions of our users in the December 2018 Ask Me Anything session, wich was a way of assessing the year 2018, here’s what we’ve resolved to deliver in 2019.

For traders

1. After launching our DMA single stock offering in 2018, we’ll keep rolling out US and European share CFDs. If everything goes well, throughout the year we’ll also release cash stocks!

2. Regarding liquidity, we’ll be working on stabilizing the feed in order to avoid spikes during rollover and news releases, and on improving swaps.

3. We’ll simplify access to Darwinex through the separation of our offer to traders from that to investors avoiding to overwhelm users by asking them whether they’re traders or investors right after landing on our site. We want traders to understand at a glance that Darwine is, above all, a great broker!

4. For non-european traders, given the difficulties with bank transfers we’ll offer electronic payment gateways even if we have to ask traders to bear the transfer costs.

5. After having observed responses of competitors to ESMA leverage restrictions, we’ll also evaluate whether to to offer – in a fully transparent way – access to more leverage through an entity regulated outside of Europe.

For investors

1. Beside the – imminent – release of our iOS app for investors, we’ll also look into the way to extend the mobile apps’ features to include mobile signup and onboarding to Darwinex.

2. Though it may seem obvious, it’s important that we’ll keep working on attracting the best traders to Darwinex. There are already traders with 5 full years of winning track record! You’ll find them using custom filters.

3. In 2019, the DARWIN API – currently in beta testing – will be released to the public and hence it’ll be possible to trade DARWINs. It probably will even be possible to short DARWINs. Regarding community data, we’ll keep searching for the best way to offer access to aggregated data. The tough part consists of setting up an incentive system that aligns the interests of all parties.

4. This year will most probably also see the release – at least in beta – of multiple investment portfolios per investor and the replication of investment portfolios with delegated portfolio management.

On the horizon

Outside of product improvements, we’ll also be looking for opportunities as a company in the form of partnerships or mergers.

Regarding incorporating futures to our offering to traders: futures keep to be on our horizon  – just as they’ve been for a while – but we’ll need to resolve tecnical challenges and dependencies from providers before being able to offer them.

And, of course, we’ll keep listening to your feedback also throughout the year 2019 on this blog, on the community forum, on Ask Me Anything sessions and on Twitter.