How To Prove There’s Good Traders Out There? Walk The Talk! (10)

18 July 2018
The Market Owl

In the last episodes we talked about making traders investable, the rise of the fittest and telling the skilled traders from the lucky. But… how do you know it’s not a whole lot of BS? How to tell this apart from a marketing gimmick of the Cash for Dealers industry?

We get this a lot.

If you really think there’s good traders out there – prove it!

So we do the only thing we can do. Walk the talk. Invest our own monies in traders. This breaks our chicken & egg problem: no traders without investors, no investors without good traders.

So we’re the first investor. This attracts the first good traders which attracts better ones. It also reassures the first investors. Repeat.

How does it work? It’s the Darwinian Challenge – the rise of the fittest. It’s made up of:

  • A capital allocation -> winners receive AuM
  • A dividend -> winners are paid out cash every month

And we’ve paid out $ 1.4 MM to traders to date. The monthly run-rate is well in excess of EUR 50.000 per month at the moment.

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