Our latest improvement in…Education 2.0

In this post “Education 2.0”, we explain our latest improvement in educational material we have carried out in Darwinex. If you want to know everything about Darwinex and make the most out of it, you can’t miss this one!


We are certain that at one point or another you’ve found yourself in this situation – and if you haven’t we ask you to try using a bit of imagination.

You have planned the trip of a lifetime to the city of your dreams with the person you most love.

You have put the exact coordinates into the SatNav of a spectacular hotel you booked – spa and minibar included -, you have fill the tank, passed the MOT recently, the boot is filled with suitcases and high expectations, as well as snacks for the journey.

Suddenly, just as you are arriving to your destination the SatNav gets stuck and, to top it all off, the signpost are either wrong or simple non-existent.

Months and months planning for the journey of a lifetime and it all gets ruined by a lack of signposts or a faulty SatNav


Have you ever found yourself in this other situation?

You are convinced that you have the talent to be a successful trader – you know the final destination!

You have been looking for quite some time for the ideal vehicle – broker – to allow you to reach this final destination: to live off of trading!

You are certain that this has to be a pure broker – not a market maker – with very competitive Execution Conditions and a great customer service team who is there for you when you most need it.

Furthermore, you need a broker that invests millions of notional capital in its own traders and has an investor community that knows how to filter the talented traders from the lucky ones in order to compensate the top ones with deserved capital.

By the way, it is no coincidence that you chose Darwinex, putting modesty to one side.

Therefore, you have:

  1. A final destination
  2. Ideal broker-vehicle…
  3. And the SatNav goes crazy again!

It can’t be, not again!


If at any point you have felt the need to throw in the towel due to the incorrect – or lack of – signposts at Darwinex, we offer our most sincere apologies and we award you a medal of Darwinian merit for hanging in there with us.

It is obvious that perseverance is one of your strong points!

Although you may not believe it, at Darwinex we were frustrated by your frustration and we have dedicated a lot of time, and tones of care, to giving life to a tool which will revolutionise the way you will consume content at Darwinex.


From now on you will see our website filled with Darwinian academic caps as shown in the image below, which will show you a brief message according to its location with the chance to learn more about this particular topic.

In addition, you will be able to deactivate this layer at your discretion by using the switch at in the header:

To sum up, you have:

  • A very clear final destination => live off of trading
  • A vehicle with which to get there => Darwinex
  • Your undoubtable talent as a trader
  • Signposts everywhere => our academic caps
  • Option of deactivating them if you do not need them

Now you really do have everything you need to exploit the raw diamond of a trader there is inside you.


But this doesn’t end here, we are working on the next set of content which will deepen more on all those new concepts which we have created from scratch, and which doesn’t exist in any other broker in the world.

We will keep you informed of when the new content hatches.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our Hall of Fame!

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